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Wi-Fi in Schools: Is it Affecting your Children's Health ?

Installing Wi-Fi in schools has become pretty much routine in the last few years. It seems like a good thing in many ways. But more and more parents are becoming concerned about the effect of wireless radiation on their children's health-and for good reason.
Doctors and Scientists Question Safety Regulations
An increasing number of medical associations, medical doctors and scientists have expressed their concerns about the safety of Wi-Fi in schools. These concerns are based on:

1. The number of children who, since Wi-Fi was installed in their schools, are experiencing:
  headaches fatigue nausea chest pain vision problems sleep disturbances

2. An alarming rise in many children's disorders in the last few years, such as ADHD, allergies, asthma, and autism-roughly the same time period in which Wi-Fi has been installed in schools.

3. The increasing amount of research that has been done linking many different diseases with radiation from wireless devices.

Children are Even More Sensitive to Wireless Radiation than Adults
Scientists and parents are especially concerned because of the fact that children's nervous systems and brains are still developing and are therefore more vulnerable to the effects of Wi-Fi radiation than the average adult. British physicist and former navy and intelligence adviser, Dr. Barrie Trower states:

"Children are physiologically and neurologically immature. It takes years for the blood-brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell-leakage from microwave radiation. And a person's immune system, which fights off damage, takes 18 years to develop."
Medical Associations and Government Agencies Issue Warnings
Based on the ever-increasing research about the hazards of radiation, especially to children, a number of medical associations world-wide have now made public warnings and recommendations regarding children and wireless radiation:

  The Council of Europe: Wired internet connections are preferred, and cell phone use by pupils in schools to be strictly regulated. Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Recommends use of wired networks in schools and educational institutions. International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety: Strongly advises limited use of mobile phones and other similar devices by young children and teenagers. European Environment Agency: All reasonable measures should be taken to reduce exposures to electromagnetic fields, especially radiofrequencies from cell phones and particularly the exposures to children and young adults.
In addition, the German Government and the Israeli Parliament have recommended wired computer networks for schools.

School Authorities 

Most school authorities are not interested in hearing about the health hazards of Wi-Fi. They've spent lots of money in having it installed and enjoy the convenience of it. And, besides, only a small percentage of children appear to be having problems with it.
What they don't realize is that these children are simply those who are more sensitive to radiation than the others. For whatever reason, their bodies are more vulnerable to the radiation and they're showing symptoms now. They are the "canaries in the mine".
The more hardy children aren't showing symptoms at this point; but radiation damage in the body is cumulative. It will likely show up down the road, when it might mean more serious consequences.
Haven't we learned our lesson with tobacco? How long did it take authorities to catch up with that one? There had been evidence of the link between tobacco and cancer long before they finally decided they couldn't ignore it anymore.

What You Can Do

If you're concerned about your children's health and the long days they spend with Wi-Fi at school, there are some things you can do.
Petitions: There are parents in the U.S. and Canada who've signed petitions with varying results with their school authorities. Certain parents who have gotten nowhere on that track have started a class action. Check online for more details.
EMF Protection: Something else you can do is check out electromagnetic (EMF) protection for your children. There are devices children can wear, which are preferable because wireless radiation is everywhere these days, not just at school. There are also devices to plug into your children's laptops, if they have their own.
Also, there are devices to use at home, important if you have a wireless router in your home.

You Can Protect Your Children

Let's face it: Wi-Fi is likely here to stay-everywhere, not just in your children's schools. We're all too addicted to it, and authorities tend to take a long time to take measures to protect our health. However, you can take action at your children's schools as other concerned parents have. Or you can take precautions against radiation with EMF protection devices.
Either way, you can know you're doing what you can to protect your children's health.

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Wi-Fi in Schools: Is it Affecting your Children's Health ?
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