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Cell Phone Radiation Shield - How To Avoid A Brain Tumor

A cell phone radiation shield is a very inexpensive small device that is attached to the ear piece of a cell phone. This can reduce the radiation that causes cancer that comes through the ear piece by up to 99% depending on the mobile phone that you use.
This cell phone radiation shield simply directs the radiation waves away from the ear; this is very important since the ear allows radiation into the body.
When was cancer linked with cell phones?
In 1993 a man filed a lawsuit in USA saying that his wife had died from a brain tumor caused by the use of a mobile phone. The tumor had the same shape as the antenna of the phone and was also on the same side of the head where she used the phone.
Obviously the phone manufacturers wanted to disprove any idea that there was a link between phone usage and cancer.

They spent more than $25 million on intensive research but they found out these phones can be a health risk and can cause cancer.
It has been established that cancer of the brain has increased by more than 25% since mobile phones were first used.
There have been many research studies undertaken over the past 15 years.
 An official Finnish study found that people who had used mobile phones for 10 years or more were 40% more likely to get a brain tumor on the same side of their head where they held the handset.    A blue chip Swedish research team revealed that radiation from mobile phones killed off brain cells.    Studies in both India and the U.S. have raised the possibility that the heavy use of mobile phones by men could cause reduced sperm counts.    In Australia research was carried out on mice. It was found that that radiation from mobile phones caused an increase in lymphoma in mice.  In 1998 an American research scientist showed that there was double the risk of developing tumors on the outside of the brain among mobile phone users.    Another study showed that usage of over 6 years of a mobile phone caused a 50% higher risk of developing tumors on the outside of the brain among cellphone users.    As recently as June 2010, research carried out in U.S. concluded that by spending half an hour on your mobile phone each day could increase the chance of getting brain cancer by 40%.
In San Francisco it is now law that shops selling cellphones show cell phone radiation levels of the different makes on the market.
From the above it can be seen how important it is to obtain cell phone radiation protection.
It would be hoped that a cell phone radiation shield would be fitted to every cell phone sold in order that cellular phone radiation could be virtually eliminated.
To avoid this health risk it is suggested that a cell phone radiation shield is purchased at a small cost to protect your family, especially children who are extremely susceptible to cellular phone radiation as their skulls are so much thinner than those of an adult.

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Cell Phone Radiation Shield - How To Avoid A Brain Tumor
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