Sunday, July 22, 2018

Wow Paid 1500 Dollars to Eat Mayonnaise

I bet the readers must know mayonnaise? One of the creamy foods in the mouth when mixed with other foods or used as a salad dressing. However, it is no secret that mayonnaise is one of the foods that potentially make us fat. Oh nooo ....

Did you know, In Japan, eating mayonnaise alone can be paid 150,000 yen or about $ 1500. This offer is valid for men aged 20-45 years. His work only eat mayonnaise, but on the other hand he is also working to raise cholesterol levels in his body.

Workers who take mayonnaise will be asked to submit their cholesterol test five times. After that, they will be paid 150,000 yen. Well, like risking health with $ 1500 yes? Interested?

This work is actually a matter of debate in Japan. However, the companies that open the vacancy claim that they only hire people who are in good health. That is, there is a medical history check procedure before accepting people working there.

Mayonnaise is made from a variety of ingredients that are 'abundant' nutrients, so that when consumed continuously can harm your health. Ingredients in mayonnaise include vegetable oil, salt, sugar, egg yolks to MSG. Each spoon of mayonnaise contains 10 mg of cholesterol.

Imagine if you work by eating mayonnaise almost every day. That means you have to be extra picky about food and set the schedule of sports because of the risk of weight gain and increased cholesterol levels.

If you are a fan of mayonnaise, from now on you should limit the consumption. In addition to food, you can use mayonnaise for beauty. As a hair mask ingredient for example. Stay health and creative to get your beauty.

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Wow Paid 1500 Dollars to Eat Mayonnaise
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