Sunday, July 22, 2018

5 minute instant and you look slim

look beautiful and slim is everyone's expectation. No wonder if every woman is competing to appear slim. Well, a slim body shape you can have in an instant way. No need to torture by taking medicine. Just do this, then your body will look more slim.

Here are tips to appear slim in an instant. Let's see the explanation below.

1. Choose Clothes Dark Color
One way to disguise your body shape is by wearing dark clothes. This trick is very safe to appear slim in an instant. In addition you can also try choosing clothes with one color from head to toe. Your body will look slimmer.

2. Mini Dress
Wearing a mini dress will make your appearance look slimmer. Mini dress will also make your feet look more level.

3. Select Outer Length
You may feel uncomfortable with your stomach shape, then bruising it with a long cut outer will save your appearance. Outer length will also make you look slimmer.

4. V-neck Model Top
Want to look slim then wearing clothes with superior V-neck model will save your appearance. Your body and face will look slimmer. You can choose the boss tops with this model of origin not too open yes.

5. Select Jeans with Boot Cut Model
Want to wear jeans? Choose a boot cut model or straight cut model. This model jeans will streamline down your body. Avoid jeans with large pockets, this will make you look even wider.

Well, there are 5 things you can do to disguise your body shape. Hopefully this information useful and good luck.

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5 minute instant and you look slim
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