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15 ways to guess the size of Miss V from the face

If you've heard that a Mr.P male's size can be seen from his fingers or toes, maybe you're also curious. Is there any body part that can guess the size of Miss V. Because it turns out there you know!

Reported from the compassionated ragon, Tao Matchmaker in China was famous to match the couple based on how fit their genitals, using facial features. The size and shape of Miss V can be estimated starting from the sight of his lips, eyes, nose and even his cheekbones.

Guessing Miss V Size from Faces, Here's 15 Ways!

There are several Taoist traditions that reveal the vaginal size of a woman's facial features, such as the following:
1. If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers, then it means she has a small and short vagina, or the vagina cavity is not too deep.
2. If she has large and thick lips, her pussy lips are also wide and thick.
3. If she has deep eyes, deep vaginal eyes.
4. If she has a thin eyelid, then she has a deep vagina.
5. If she is a woman with thick eyelids, then she has a vagina that is not too deep.
6. If the woman has prominent eyes, then she has a very short pussy (women with short pussy aka shallow should avoid men with large penis / length to avoid damage to the cervix).
7. If the woman has farsighted eyes, she has a deep vagina.
8. If the woman has big eyes, then she also has a large vagina. Again, the bigger the eyes, the bigger the vagina.
9. If the woman has a wide mouth and thin lips, she has a narrow and deep vagina.
10. If her lips are prominent, or a prominent bone structure, it indicates the woman has an elastic vagina.
11. If the woman is tough and unemotional, then she has a hard and dry vagina.
12. If she had narrow cheeks and jaws, she had a small, crooked grip. If only slightly curved, this is not a problem.
13. If a woman has a narrow forehead and a flat nose, she has a short and wide vagina.
14. If she has a prominent cheekbone, she has a very deep vagina and strong sexual desire.
15. If a woman has a dimple, she has a very shallow vagina.

You may believe it or not,  Maybe you are also curious and want to prove it yourself? after all, Whatever your form of Miss V, make sure always Miss V always clean and healthy okay!

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15 ways to guess the size of Miss V from the face
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